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Release Notes:

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Timestamp Component Description
2023-03-08T13:20 SVC
  • Fix bug where session store key was not respected
  • Environment data and session store definitions are now cached and refreshed every 5 seconds; note when using /store/* and /session/* services. This is to improve performance in for high volume usages of /insert or /session/update
  • Support yyyy-mm-dd style dates
  • Date related formatters in transform rules sets now use Java 8 DateTimeFormatter syntax instead of SimpleDateFormat syntax; DateTimeFormatter provides a superset of functionality and is backwards compatible
  • Substantial json serialization performance improvement
  • Support countUnique/avg/weightedAvg facet aggregators in /query
  • Better error messages around /query; ignore (rather than error) unhandled params
2023-03-07T14:00 Store
  • Fix bug introduced in 2023-02-27 store release that would prevent a boost store from getting created; (related to dynamically setting memory usage)
2023-02-27T21:00 Store
  • Default default search operator back to OR (from AND) (this changed somewhat accidentally in Dec-2022)
2023-02-26T18:00 OPS
  • Substantial json serialization performance improvement
2023-02-10T10:25 OPS
  • Error message grammar fix when unable to create an environment
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