Our Advantage

Our platform is an all-in-one solution to meet all data needs. It is totally comprehensive allowing you to use the right tool for the right job. We are continuously adding new capabilities as our customers grow. You get those benefits for free so you can focus on your mission.

Our Efficiency

Our Efficiency

Our approach saves you time. Our customers are able to implement their new projects in 1/5 the time. Once set up you have plenty of room for growth with no modifications required. Included is the ability to connect data input and output directly to your web page or application with no other technology deployed.

We are invested in our customers' success. Contact us and we can build some or all of your solution for you to get you started quickly.

Our Tools

minusonedb bundles multiple storage technologies to meet all your needs. Snapshots can be updated in place and audit trails created at the same time. You can rewind to see what data looked like at any point in time or for any version. Your data can be accessed from your infrastructure or your application layer as needed.

You can store all your data in one place. This allows you to capture behavioral or operational analytics data right alongside your business data providing you a unique ability to understand your entire business over time without writing any additional software.

Our Analytics

Our Platform

minusonedb was built from the ground up to provide world class scalability and speed. The system can be customized to meet any data need. Our fully automated operations stack allows you to build/rebuild and load/reload as needed. You can develop your data solutions iteratively at any scale.

This is the last data platform you will ever need and it won't break the bank. You will never need any other tools and you will never outgrow us.